Charity Time Kimbe Branch – Helping hands ! Helping Smiles

Even with so much bad news in the PNG specially in Kimbe sometimes it’s good to be reminded that not everything out there is terrible. There is a lot going on across the PNG which is truly great and ABLE Kimbe Branch help you to look on the brighter side and inspire you to change you want to see.

Just this March 16, 2023 ABLE Kimbe team started to share blessings to two hospitals who never tired helping people need medical assistant. The first location was Kimbe General Hospital at Kimbe Town. Our main goal is to simply to donate face mask that could atleast help them to reduce the risk of getting viruses from their clients.

From these pictures you will see one of our Corporate Sales – Harold Esau handed over bunches of Face Mask to Dr. Uluk the Director of Medical Services.


The second stop was Kimbe Urban Clinic at Gigo Section 10 Kimbe. Harold handed over to two beautiful ladies – Elsa the Officer in Charge and their nurse with happy faces, the boxes of Face Mask with the same intention, to share with them some blessing and to put a smile on deserving faces.

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