How To Identify Genuine HP Cartridges for Inks and Toners

How to identify genuine HP cartridges

There are several things to look for when differentiating between genuine HP cartridges and counterfeits. Visible security labels, standard pricing, proper packaging, and reliable performance are key attributes of Original HP cartridges.


  1. Check the label

Identify the security label on the box and make sure that as you move it back and forth, and up and down, the color changes or the “OK” and “√” move across label.


  1. Scan the code

Use the HP SureSupply app or a generic QR code reader to scan the QR code on the cartridge’s security seal.1 If you cannot capture QR codes with a smartphone, go to to validate online.


  1. Report counterfeit

Help us fight counterfeit by reporting it. Stop crime.

Why choose Original HP ink and toner?

There’s simply no substitute for Original HP ink and toner. Counterfeit, refilled, or remanufactured cartridges don’t even come close, and can cause more problems than they’re worth.


Outstanding value

Original HP cartridges deliver a low total cost of printing. Counterfeits can drain productivity and increase cost with reprints and low-quality results.


Exceptional quality

Original HP cartridges enable fast, efficient printing and impressive results. Counterfeit cartridges provide no assurance of quality.


Proven reliability

Original HP cartridges are backed by 20 years of research and development—avoid leakage or messy prints that could result from a counterfeit model.


Outstanding HP support

All Original HP cartridges are backed by exceptional support, service, and warranty. Use Original HP cartridges to receive the full benefits.

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