This GADGET might help you minimize COVID related issues in the office

Just wondering if one of our products might be of use during this pandemic season, so I might as well discuss bits of information.

Nowadays, most companies are trying its best to comply to the “new normal law” introduced by the government of PNG. In most cases, companies had adopted strategies on how to comply to it (e.g wearing of facemask, social distancing, washing of hands, etc).

One aspect where we can mitigate is avoiding touching the same object from time to time, a sample of which is your time-keeping machine using finger print or palm biometrics to register time for the day. Thus, increasing the risk of one passing on some “dirts”(viruses, I don’t want the word per se) to other workmates, even though a social distancing measures are in place.

We’ve introduced this face recognition time keeping machines to be integrated to our BIOPLUS software long before the COVID 19 surged in the community, I just observe more companies are asking for it with FACE Recognition features(which keeps me happy by the way), for one specific reason-they want to help prevent venues of transmission.

This gadget(BIOPLUS Timekeeping Units) will not just help comply to the new normal sorts but will also help us fast-tracking payroll related reports. The machine uses face recognition matrix to have your daily time keeping logs captured. Just register your employee codes, then record the facial matrix using the built in camera/lens(just don’t forget to remove your facemask and shield in today’s scenario) and your good to go, employees does not need to touch the gadget/equipment. Download your logs to our BIOPLUS software then your payroll details would be ready in an hour.

Visit your respective tech experts in your area for more information.


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