Top 5 Ways To Make Your Windows 10 OS More Secure

Have you ever wonder why hacker can track you and get all your information. Do you want to use your PC more secure without worries. If you’re Windows 10 user you can follow step by step to make your PC more secure.

Step 1: Disable unpaired devices:

Go to Privacy Setting – Other Devices

Switch  Off

This setting will allow you to disable the connection between your PC and other gadgets like phone.

Step 2 : Disable Activity History

Go to Privacy Setting – Activity History


Step 3 : Disable Location Services

Go to Privacy Setting – location

Disable them all  or you can switch apps that important for you to access.



Step 4 : Disable Ad Tracking

Go to Privacy Setting – General

Toggle Off All

Step 5 : Manage Cortana search

Got to setting – Cortana

Disable Hey Cortana

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