How to set up scan to email Toshiba 2010ac

1. In order to set it up you need an email account just for the copier ‘’gmail account’’.
The GMAIL account is required of the following settings

Password: test1234

Primary DNS server:

Secondary DNS server:



2. Type the ip address of the copier into the Google browser address bar.

3. Press log in and and by default the username is admin and password the click log in.

4. Select Administration tab.

5. Go to DNS section and then supply the gmail setting DNS server ip address.

6. After that enable SMTP CLIENT and enter the PORT NUMBER and SMPT SERVER and save your work.

7. Click on registration after that Address Book to add user’s email address and the save.

8. Congratiolation your scan email setup is completed. If any further question please free to contact us at

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