The Department of PNG Immigration to Install Magnetic Door Lock Mechanism Connected To A Biometric Device

In the bustling city of Port Moresby, a young and innovative service manager named Fernand together with Dion, the technician, and an OJT to observe was presented with a unique project – to install a cutting-edge magnetic door lock mechanism connected to a biometric device at the Department of PNG Immigration. The project aimed to enhance security measures for the office, ensuring that only authorized personnel could gain entry.

Excited about the challenge, Fernand meticulously planned out every detail of the installation process. He installed a state-of-the-art magnetic door lock that could only be accessed through a biometric scanner, which would require fingerprint verification for entry. This system would provide heightened security and streamline the entry process for employees.

As Fernand arrived at the Department of PNG Immigration, he was greeted by a team of enthusiastic staff members who were eager to see the new security system in action. With his toolkit, Fernand got to work, carefully installing the magnetic door lock mechanism on the office entrance.

The installation process was complex, requiring precise calibration and integration with the biometric device. Fernand worked tirelessly, ensuring that every component was perfectly in place. As he powered up the system for the first time, the magnetic door lock clicked into place, ready to be tested.

With a sense of anticipation, Fernand demonstrated how the biometric scanner worked, enrolling the fingerprints of the office staff one by one. The system was seamless, granting access to authorized personnel with just a simple touch.

The staff at the Department of PNG Immigration were amazed by the new security system. They marveled at the efficiency and ease of use, knowing that their office was now fortified with the latest technology to protect sensitive information.

As Fernand packed up his tools and prepared to leave, he was met with applause and gratitude from the staff. They thanked him for his hard work and dedication in ensuring their safety and security.

As he walked out of the Department of PNG Immigration, Fernand couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in his work. He had not only installed a state-of-the-art security system but had also forged lasting relationships with the staff members who appreciated his creativity and expertise. It was a project that would be remembered for years as a symbol of innovation and collaboration.


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