Selecting Internal Hard Disc Drive According To Color Codes

Over a hundred of HDD manufacturers are engaged in production of hard disc drives available in the market. Among the famous are Western Digital, Seagate, Sony, Dell, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sandisk, Kingston Technology, IBM, HP, Transcend, AData and Samsung.

OEM HDD manufacturers like Western Digital were the ones started assigning colors. It comes with seven colors blue, green, purple, red, black, gold and white. Below are the lists.


Blue- general purpose desktop use
Green-energy efficient desktop drives
Purple-surveillance drives for CCTV recorders
Red- for NAS drives (Red Standard or Red Plus)
Black-for gamers, tested to withstand vibrations with high level of cache memory
Gold-deployed for IT infrastructure with high workload
White/Ultrastr-higher version of Gold with self-encryption & instant secure erase feature

Meanwhile, Seagate manufacturers draw their HDD’s from animal kingdom incorporated the drives by color Green-Barracuda, Red-Ironwolf, Orange-Firecuda & Blue-Skyhawk.





Blue Skyhawk- surveillance drives for CCTV recorders
Green Barracuda- general purpose desktop use
Red Ironwolf- for NAS drives
Orange Firecuda – for gamers

On the other hand, Toshiba releases full line-up of consumer internal hard drives in six new series in the market. The P300, L200, X300, N300, V300 & S300.





P300-general purpose ideal for desktop users
L200-use for laptop hdd in 2.5 inch mobile drives with better shock & vibration resistance than 3.5 inch HDD
X300-available in 3.5 inch size,robust capacity for creative & professional applications including graphics, animation & PC gamers
N300- for NAS drives
V300- for video streaming hdd, sleek & delivers quiet operation, energy efficient.
S300- for surveillance drives for CCTV recorders

For the consumer market, it’s easy enough to remember and choose which one will prefer.


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