Attending COC Open Forum Meeting

An Open Forum was conducted and sponsored by Milne Bay Chamber of Commerce, held at Masurina Lodge on 30th of April 2024.

This event was attended by business owners, members of the chamber, PNG Power manager, residents, and provincial government leaders such as the Town Mayor, Alotau MP, Provincial and District Administrators and Provincial Hospital CEO.

Resolution on the current and worsening electricity condition in Alotau was the major discussion of the assembly.

The entire province has been under this major electricity problem and power shedding for over a year now and has been greatly affecting businesses and livelihood, residential living conditions and government services not to mention that Milne Bay has no alternative source of electricity.

Currently, only 1 genset with 1 megawatt capacity is running for the entire town which is supposed to be run by 6 generators.

A budget of 4M is on hand as stated by the provincial administrator for purchase of new generator sets, however the timeline for this is not yet definite. As of now, we can only hope that this budget will be released and soon relieve, if not totally solve this on-going issue particularly here in Alotau.

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