Able Home and Office is one of many schools invited to sponsor on IBS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY on their TECH FEST – National Intercollegiate IT Fest that been held last August 09, 2023 in Mt Eriama, Sogeri Road, 11 Mile, Port Moresby, PNG.

“IBSU SOIT-Tech Fest 2023” is an annual event organized by the student’s association (techminds) of IBSU. This is a forum where students from different educational institutes interact to display and showcase their skills, share knowledge, and foster innovation and challenge their knowledge, and talent and its relevant area through 15 different events.

The event serves as a platform for industry professionals, faculty members, and students across the country to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, troubleshoot ideas, and explore emerging trends in technology. IBSU believes that Able Home and Office expertise and industry presence would greatly enhance the event and offer valuable insights to the students.

We connect with talented students who are passionate about technology and eager to learn from experienced professionals. Build relationships with potential future employees.

This is one of many community engagements of Able Home and Office commitment to the community by supporting a worthy cause to education and in the development of the next generation of IT Professionals.


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