Let’s play ball – Go! ABLE!!!

Sport has always been able to bring us together. It crosses language, cultural and geographical boundaries by bringing the community together if only for a moment, to cheer on a favorite team.

The Alotau basketball community play a significant part in our normal way of life and creates a defining attribute to so many communities across the country.

Sport has always been and will always be one of the biggest connectors between humans across the world because sports engage us all in the excitement and intensity of the game. As such, the world of sports is filled with unique opportunities to engage and impact a community.

The ongoing tournament is in its 4th round of the Alotau Basketball League 2023 team Melton-ABLE faces the team of Chiefs organized and led by Mr. Duncan Mailau a public servant who works with the Community Development Division, his team consist of students and private company employees. During this game it was an honor to play and meet number 7 of Chiefs which is a guest player and a “Hoops4Health Officer” of Basketball Federation PNG, Mr. Jordan Sere who is based in POM. He was in the province to introduce the Hoops4Health, running basketball clinics to the schools and the wider community.It was a very entertaining game where Melton-ABLE won and a great experience for the promising young players who have watched him play in the province.

Hoops for Health has three major goals      -education on living active lives for fitness, -reducing anti-social behavior and supporting social activities, and -promoting the values of education and school attendance.

Sport is a unifier of people it allows for the creation of a common identity within a certain culture and we at AHO continue to support wellness activity so let’s play ball! Go! ABLE!!!

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