Able Home and Office Lae donated facemasks to Hospital and Clinics

In 2022, Able Home and Office donated first aid kits as well as soccer and rugby balls to schools as a way of giving back to the community. As part of the yearly activity, this 2023 Able Home and Office donated facemask to hospital and clinics at Lae, Morobe Province. Facemasks are essential in these types of establishments to reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases and to prevent the spread of infection to others. We are grateful to Zaningo Theo of the Angau Memorial Provincial Hospital, Daisy Basa of the Malahang Health Center, Mary Heutuke of the Sir Bob Sinclair Clinic, Miriam Key of the Buimo Road Clinic, and Martha Marampau of the Milford Haven Health Center for their hospitality and acceptance of these donations. This, in our opinion, will benefit the medical staff members who daily offer patients with ongoing care.

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