Need to know about Centralized Database Management System


Centralized database management system is the system in which all the information is warehoused and managed in a sole unit. This is also known as central computer database system. Data can be opened through a network LAN or WAN. Mainframe computer is the example of centralized database management system.

Centralized databases are frequently used by organizations such as schools, corporations and etc. To store information that is shared by numerous users. These are used for storing customer info, inventory information, financial records, and more. They can be used by sme’s or large enterprises. When compared to other databases, they offer a number of benefits over other types of databases.

Centralized database can be accessed by anyone with the right authorizations. This means that multiple individuals can work on the same data at the same period, which can be a enormous time-saver. It also allows for better teamwork, as people can effortlessly share data and thoughts consistently. This is because they are held on servers that are intended to be up and running all the time. This means that if one server goes down, the others can still be accessed.

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