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As one of the leading and pioneer IT providers here in PNG, one of the products of Able Home & Office is providing custom software built for PNG Standard. We do have Able ACCPAC – an accounting software solution, Able Retail – a POS system, Able HR – Human Resource System, Able Bioplus – a timekeeping system, Able Payroll Offline and Able Payroll Online. Whatever software your business needs, Able has a perfect solution for you.

Why Able Payroll Online?

If you are incharge of doing your company’s payroll, it must be tough for you to run your payroll every fortnight especially if you do have a growing number of employees. If you don’t have a payroll system yet, maybe it is time for you to consider getting one, and you can never be wrong if you are going to choose Able Payroll Online – A Cloud Based Payroll Solution.

By our experience, the time spent in preparation of our existing clients payroll is reduced by as much as 90% because everything is automatically calculated such as taxes, superannuation, reports, loans, employee cash advances etc. Achieving accuracy in payroll calculation is one of the benefits of using Able Payroll System. It helps reduce the mistakes due to human error. Keeping your taxes report, payroll report, payroll audit and superannuation report is never easier than keeping it in one database file and ready to print anytime.

This system is developed to comply with PNG Taxes, Labor, Local Banks and Superannuation.  Since this is developed and maintained by Able Home & Office, our group of developers are quick enough to update the system almost in real-time as soon as the requirement is proposed.

If for some reason, Payroll Online in-built reports are not enough for you, we can customize any report you need according to your requirement.

Employee kiosk is a good feature of this system. From this portal, active employees who wish to check and print their payslip can easily do that once they logged in. From there, they can file their leaves online which is very convenient. 

This system is also integrated with the banks and allows you to create bank file which can be uploaded to online banking. This also generates NCSL and Nasfund contributions file which  can also be uploaded straight to their portals. 


Since this software is online (cloud based), the only requirement is internet access and internet browser. No need to install anything in your computer unlike offline software where databases are stored locally. It is accessible anywhere in the world wherever you are. 

Reports and Payroll Payments

One of the highlights and main features of Able Payroll is making your payroll job easier by making sure all your payroll reports are just a click of a button. All necessary reports are available for you to generate and ready to export or print in seconds. Paying your employee needs only a little effort as it supports all banks here in PNG.

Full features of Able Payroll Online

  • Updated 2022 PNG Tax Calculation
  • Confirmation & Approval Facility
  • Web Reporting
  • Electronic Bank Transfer
  • Accrual Generation
  • NCSL and NASFUND Files
  • Employee Kiosk
  • Other Features
    • Creation and Maintenance of Employee Files Records
    • Setting up of Standard Pay
    • GL Codes and Integration for Accounting Softwares
    • Advance Loan Facility for Deductions

If you have any questions and clarifications or if you are interested in booking a schedule of demonstration, you can contact us at

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