AHO Alotau Joins Battle of Milne Bay celebration

The battle is often described as the first major battle of the war in the Pacific in which Allied troops decisively defeated Japanese land forces. Although Japanese land forces had experienced local setbacks elsewhere in the Pacific earlier in the war, unlike at Milne Bay, these earlier actions had not forced them to withdraw completely and abandon their strategic objective. Nor did they have such a profound impact upon the thoughts and perceptions of the Allies towards the Japanese, and their prospects for victory. Milne Bay showed the limits of Japanese capability to expand using relatively small forces in the face of increasingly larger Allied troop concentrations and command of the air. As a result of the battle, Allied morale was boosted and Milne Bay was developed into a major Allied base, which was used to mount subsequent operations in the region.

It’s one of the great experienced to witness such event like this. Chamber of Commerce Alotau chapter  along with the members of the organization and with the help of local government organizers made the activity at placed where a delicates from Australia and Japan came to make the event possible.

Two jet fighters made their way in the province that adds excitement and gives people the joy to see with their own eyes how these jets sounds and flies in a battle.

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