Data structures and Algorithms

As An IT, learning data structures and algorithms is really a must. Big companies like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft often ask questions related to algorithm and data structures to check the problem-solving abilities of the candidates.

If you are wondering what data structure is, well, it is an orderly arrangement of data in computers to see it in a more efficient manner. It’s a collection of data objects that allows storing, organizing, and retrieving data on system.

Algorithm in other hand refers to a set of steps used in completing a certain task or to get the desired output.

To simply put, we use data structures and algorithm in our everyday living. One example of data structure is arranging and keeping your clothes in such structure that you don’t need to hassle much when searching for a particular shirt to wear for the day. When cooking your favourite meal, you are following a certain procedure to make sure that you will cook it perfectly, that’s an example of algorithm.

Data structures in combination with algorithms is the core foundation or writing good codes. It reduces coding costs and enhances data accuracy, which is the ultimate goal of organizations.

Both concepts are extremely important for an IT to advance their careers and secure high-paying jobs in the programming world.


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