Guide In Picking a Domain Name For Your Site

So you’re making your initial website and start your organization digitalization, then selecting a domain name is one of the most vital aspects of this procedure.


A domain name is an address where net users can access your site such as,, etc. A domain administrator is a company that manages the registration of Internet domains. You can easily signup to these registrars such as or and acquire your domain name. Domain names cost about $15 annually, but it can drive as high as $2000 depending on the name.


Please note that purchasing a domain name is unlike from subscribing to web hosts where your site will reside.

So here are a few strategies in selecting your domain name:


Make it quick and easy to spell and easy to say e.g., or or just merely your commercial name or your full name if its a private brand as long as it is still available in the domain registrar.

Play around with your commercial name and your product. For example, if you’re into a retail business, you can use say, where “ty” is your company acronym then computer is your brand/product.

Inoculate localized keyword for organic search engine optimization. In the example above, you can add your local location such as or

Choose another domain extension. You can use domain extensions other than .com. There’s a lot you can use such as .net, .pg, io and common names or keywords are more available on these extensions than the .com. You can also use these for user context without an elaborate explanation. For example, if you are into a lending business then you can use name.lending. Btw, you can buy several domains and point it to one site.

So there you go. As a last tip, try coming up with at least 15 titles, then shortlist it down to 5 after a few days, then down to 3 and then to 1. In doing this, then you can have a good sense of what you truly like and what is attractive without buying one impulsively.


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