Basic IT Infra and Foundation

For a start-up for your small business, you are now considering to step up and your digital transformation. Here are the basic IT infrastructure and foundation including a list for each in allowing your business digitally.


  • Individuals – assign or hire the persons who are going to manage or do the administration of each part of your IT infrastructure listed here.
  • On-Premise System Infrastructure
    • server – files, printer & backup
    • computers, mobile phones
    • ISP – Intenet Service Provider (ISP)
    • Data Network – switch , router, and Access Points
    • security – cctv, firewalls, alarms and anti-viruses
    • backup – storage, media
    • software licenses – operating systems, office license
    • softwares – ERP, POS
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • cloud drive/backup – Google Drive
    • email and office apps – bluehost or Microsoft Office
    • collaboration tools – Clickup, Asana, Notion, etc.
    • website – Bluehost, GoDaddy, WordPress
    • cloud server – amazon

These will cover the basic foundation of your digital transformation. 


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