Benefits of Able Bioplus

For businesses, employees are the most vital and expensive asset they possess. That is why it’s essential that companies effectively handle their manpower so that they’ll get the most out of their expenditure.

To enhance productivity, companies see to it that they plan and make sure their employees handle responsibilities at the right time. To make this possible, they implement a time and recording system. However, many problems arise with the use of employee time cards and manual timesheets.

With today’s latest technology, Able Bioplus software is now removing manual timekeeping procedures that are subject to payroll lapses and repetitive timesheet reviews. Here are some benefits of Able Bioplus software:

  • Mitigate Payroll and Time Fraud
  • Lower payroll expenses
  • Time efficient
  • Secured Sensitive Information
  • Minimize Absenteeism

Our Senior support officer Frank Reyes installed and set up SVS Mart’s Able Bioplus Software

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