Scan To Email Toshiba e-Studio 3505AC

One of the most time-saving features of Toshiba e-Studio 3505AC is the ability to scan and send directly to email.

This Post covers how to set up the Scan to email features of  Toshiba e-Studio 3505AC

1. Go to Toshiba Top Access by typing your MFP’s IP Address on the address bar of your internet browser.

2. Login by using your Credentials.
Default User/Password.
Username: admin
Password: 123456

3. After Logging in, click Administration tab


4. Then select email tab.


5. Type your email Address (This will serve as senders email address).


6. Edit the number of retry to 0 and click save

7. On thesame page click smtp settings and do the following.

– Enable SMTP Client “Enable”
– Enable SSL “Accept all certificates without CA”
– SMTP Server Address “” (note this depends on your smtp server this is only for gmail)
– POP Before SMTP “Disable”
– Authentication “Login”
– Login Name “Your Email Address/Senders Email”
– Password “Your  Email Password/Senders Password”
– Maximum Email / InternetFax Size(2-100) “30MB” (Depends on you)
– Port Number “587” (note this depends of your email server settings)
– SMTP Client Connection Timeout(1-180)  “30Seconds”


8. Click Execute to test the connection if successful.


9. Click save and go address book under registration tab and click add address button complete name and email address then click save.


10. Go to your machine and press Scan then select Email Icon from the address book select recepient then place your documents on the scanner and press scan/start.

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