Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment – Students’ On Job Training (OJT) with Able Home and Office

Able Home and Office on job training is your doorway into the company. It’s your chance to build IT Technical knowledge, establish face-to-face relations with our utmost essential customers. All before you graduate. All from Day 1.
Deciding to become a trainee at Able Home and Office is a big decision. But opting to join a company that offers incredible experience that you can’t get anywhere else is an easy one to make. You’ll develop your understanding based on specific experiences and training. You’ll also work together with great managers who will invest in your development and give you feedback to help you grow and improve.
We value our trainee programs as they are our key pipeline to full-time employment. From your first day with us, our goal is to give you a stimulating and satisfying experience so that you can develop into the future of our business.
Join us towards experiencing meaningful work and help bring our leading brands to life from the very base of your career.

“When we came here at Able Home and Office we first setup all the computer and laptops. However, because of Able Computing we are interested to stay with our mentor to gain some more experience in here. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Cheers!”
– Angela Peter and Shiela Max, 2021 Grade 10 ojt from Laiagam Appropriate Technology Centre

Able Home & Office
Suite 4/5 Gapina Bldg (Opposite Courthouse)
Hagen Drive, Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province
Ph: 542 3188

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