Looking for Smart POS System?

Able RETAIL Point-Of-Sale

A feature-enriched Point-Of-Sale software for small to medium-sized business that allows you to take control of your sales, inventory, purchases, accounts receivables, customers and loyalty program, promotions, and much more.

Why Get Able Retail?

With the system’s multiple Point-Of-Sale interfaces, Able Retail can suit any general retail, fast food or takeaways, quick-serve restaurants, and service-type businesses. Automating your operation with Able Retail Point-Of-Sale allows you to achieve productivity as the front and back-office are integrated seamlessly. Get real-time reports of your sales and inventory needs that helps you in making intelligent and data-driven business.


Able RETAIL Features


Able Retail Point-of-Sale comes with three different POS interface to use depending on your business operation. The software caters for general retail, fast foods and takeaway shops. Complete your sale easily with the use of either the Quick Sales, Restaurant POS, or the standard POS interface of Able Retail.

Track your quotations and customer orders until you have completed them into either a cash or accounts receivable invoice.

Setup an unlimited payment methods that you can link to a specific general ledger account number for easier export of transaction journals that you can use for entry to your accounting software.

Reconcile your session or daily takings from your point-of-sale to ensure that total sales matches what is supposed to be on your till.


Kitchen Display

Let your kitchen team know new orders as soon as your cashiers had entered it on the POS. Track status of orders until they have been served.



Manage your stocks well by assigning part numbers and by using the categories to organise them. Set maximum and minimum stock levels for easy ordering from your suppliers.

With the stock replenishment function, you can create purchase orders of your items from suggested orders based from your minimum and maximum levels or by your product sales history. Keep track of your products so you can analyse which items are well-performing and which are slow moving.


Setup ingredients and its quantities that will make up your menu so you can analyse more your kitchen inventory.


Customers & Accounts

Receivables Maintain your customer records and set their price level so you can reward your customers by their purchasing power.

Track their receivables and easily apply customer payments to their outstanding invoices.


Loyalty Program

Retain your customers and attract new ones by building an incentive program. With your personalised and strategic loyalty program, customer engagement is encouraged and a longer and lasting business relationship is achieved.


Promotions & Discounts

Utilise the promotions and discount features to fully market your products and services. The feature will help slow moving items to be easily sold by adding these products on your promotions list.



With the wide-array of reports available, you can easily analyse your stock levels, sales and receivables. With our reports, you can easily export any report to PDF document and spreadsheet.


Annual Maintenance

Able Retail software requires an annual maintenance fee to keep the system updated with the latest version updates and releases.


Software Licencing

Software licencing is based on the company name registered by the end-user. Each company licence allows unlimited number of users to run the application software using the same database simultaneously except the use of the Point-ofSale functions. However, database server capacity must be considered by the end-user. To operate the Point-Of-Sale interface of the system, POS terminal licence is required. One software licence includes two (2) POS Terminal Licence by default.


Minimum System Requirements

Software Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit and higher

.NET Framework 4.5 Microsoft Office 2010 and above

Crystal Report (installer included in the package)

MS SQL Express (installer included in the package)



Intel Core i3 processor or better (recommended i7)

2 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB)

2 GB free hard disk space.

Screen resolution of at least 1024×768

32-bit colour.



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  1. Hi,
    I am impressed with the POS system and thinking it would be more convenient if a cloud version is introduced like the payroll.

    Thank you.


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