How to Consolidate Data in Excell

Excel is a powerful tool and the limit of what you can do is unimaginable if you know what to do. One of the most common & overlooked feature of this is CONSOLIDATION  of data which is inbuilt feature of excel, and no need to input in the complicated formula bar just to make it work.

Below is the step by step how to do it. Let say you want to consolidate the item list in column A, and in Column B is the counts or quantity. What we want to accomplish is we have to consolidate what is the total counts of the uniquie items in column A.

Go to Data Tab, then under data tools click consolidate.

The option to choose reference will popout. From here you should indicate your reference which is the Column A (item) & Column B (qty). In this particular examples it will be (A2:B16). Once you  indicate the reference, you have to specify column label by ticking the box then click OK.

And once it is done, a new table will be created like below indicating the sums of the unique item. Try it!

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