Never Worry About Your Attendance Management System Again.

Introducing ABLE BIOPLUS version 2.5 – Time & Attendance System, NOW in PNG.

Unlike the traditional time keeping machines and manual time cards, the Able Bioplus works with a bio-metric scanner in verifying employee’s attendance which would ensure physical presence, thus, getting rid of proxy punching and time theft.

How it works?

1] Identification                                                                                                                                                     Employee’s fingerprint is enrolled in the bio-metric machine. Each employee record has a unique ID on the fingerprint machine that corresponds to the employee record in the Able Bioplus attendance system.  The records are matched together to identify the employee during clock in or clock out.

2] Eliminate errors and time theft                                                                                                                  Manual systems and mechanical Bundy clock time card systems are prone to time theft & human error when entering this information into your computer. You need a solution that is easy to implement, cost effective and will reliably keep working for years to come.

3] Work Schedule Type                                                                                                                                        Able Bioplus version 2 caters for two types of work schedule. One could handle employee’s work schedule that requires one to have time logs for the Check In, Break Out, Break In, and Check Out. This is referred to as the unlimited clock in and out feature that enables employee to clock in and out several times in a day.

4]  Reports                                                                                                                                         Attendance Report, Daily Time Records, Tardiness Reports, Early Leave Reports, Absence Report, Staff Not Working Report, Staff Not Clocking Report, and many more…These reports can be imported in pdf, excel file or text file as well.

5] Administration                                                                                                                            Administering the system is user-friendly. Features are grouped together in one menu for easy navigation.

6] Setup Duty Rules or Duty Code                                                                                                    Different time schedules of employee can be setup per day of the week specifying the check in and check out time of the schedule along with the break out and break in time required. By doing so, you are able to define how the system calculates the work hours, and overtime hours.

7] Creation of Duty Rosters                                                                                                                      Other types of industries or businesses demand the employees to be assigned to duty rosters that make it difficult to manage at times. With the Able Bioplus 2, employee can now be assigned to their duty roster on a specific day using the duty rules.

And there’s more…

The Able Bioplus software is compatible to any biometric device that runs under the ZKEM500 and above platform.

We have two types of devices available that you can choose from…

1]            iCLOCK 680

Here are the amazing features:

iClock-680 is a Time & Attendance and access control terminal with incorporated ZK fingerprint sensor and 3’5 TFT display. Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations.

It incorporates 1.3M pixels camera for taking user photos and sending black/white photos lists to the server. The color TFT display offers users easy menu management. Iclock-680 is based on ZEM600 platform that allows more memory capacity and professional firmware functions. It can connect to Time & Attendance management software by Ethernet or USB port and also operate on standalone mode, downloading data by USB pendrive.  For access control, it allows time zones and groups and the relay can be connected to lock or external siren.



Front-End DTR Setup:

Requires at least one dedicated computer for the Able Bioplus and One iClock 360 fingerprint scanner.








No Front-End DTR Setup or Network Setup.

Scanners connected on a network:

No dedicated computer required. Supports more than one iClock 360 fingerprint scanner.


Here comes another Amazing Machine…

2] MULTI BIO 700 – Multibiometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader

The MultiBio 700 uses state of the art 3D imaging technology while also providing hygienic 100% touch-free biometric authentication, utilizes ZK’s latest face and fingerprint matching algorithms which are even faster than its predecessor. For even more security, MB700 can be purchased with an internal ID card reader which adds still another layer of security and comes with a very easy to navigate color TFT touch screen making the MB700 functional, secure and very easy to use.











Able Computing PNG has the expertise you need for a worry free employee attendance management system. We set-up according to our client needs, mostly from well-known companies, schools,  and governments. Clients choose us! Because we know how important is for you to have a reliable IT experts, to keep your networks safe and secure.

YOU, the deserve the Best!










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