You ever went to the beach and wondered, why there was always a piece of Clay pot in between the sands or coral? How did a piece of clay pot end up in the ocean?

Our next Legend comes from Yabob Village, located along the South Coast of Madang. It tells the story of how the Clay pot came to existence.

There was once a young man who loved to go star gazing, he did this for several years, and eventually he become so fond of one particular star. This star shined so beautifully that he would always watch in awe of it! One night he fell asleep watching his star, while sleeping, he had a dream and in his dream a beautiful young woman came to him.  She said, “I see you watching me fondly every night, I will come to you in a great storm and you must not be afraid!”

And so there was a great storm, and the Star Lady came down to the young man. He then hid her in a woven basket while he sat down with the village elders to discuss the welcome ceremony. Their tribe welcomed her and she lived among his people for many years and she trained the women in the ways of cooking food, and how to look after the children and the household. She also taught them how to make pots from the Clay (Clay pots). The woman would make them and the men would sail to the nearby villages (Kanget, Siar, Bilia and other south coastal villages) and exchange them for goods (Barter System). They even had a child together!

One day the Star Lady left her child with her mother in-law and she went to another village to teach the women there how to make clay pots. While she was away, the son was playing and found an insect so he took it to his grand mother to cook it for him! But she did not and he got upset and started crying which made her angry! In her anger she beat him up and said “Your eyes twinkle like your mother’s!”. When the Star Lady returned and learnt of what happened that day she was so upset! She built a big fire and through her tears she started calling to her Father to come get her. A few days later her Father instructed her to build a fire and on top of the fire she was to stack all the pots she made. As the pots were burning, there was a lot of smoke, when the smoke was thick enough, the Father sent down a ladder and the ladder pulled them up! As the ladder hit the pots on the ground, the pots disintegrated into thousands of pieces and was scattered every where! So now you will find them in the ground as you’re plowing your garden or in the sand when you go swimming!

A picture of a small clay pot from Bilbil

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