How to easily setup Toshiba 2822AF Copier Machine

With the help of our trainee from ITI- Alotau we are going to show you how to easily setup a Toshiba 2822 copier machine

we have here the machine itself together with the power cord, developer, and the toner, but before anything else make sure to remove all the blue plastic tape that attached to the copier from outside and even inside the machine.

After removing all the blue plastic tapes connect the power cord and turn the copier on and just follow the instructions written in the lcd screen of the machine. 1st it will ask you to select the language.

Once you’ve selected the language, another message will come up (start easy setup) just press ok

now it will ask you to open the front cover set developer cartridge then close the front door and wait

our trainee here put the developer now in the machine as per instruction

so just wait for a few minutes while the machine is calibrating

after the calibration, it will ask you to open the front cover and remove the empty developer cartridge

removing the empty developer cartridge

after removing the developer, insert the toner cartridge

Make sure to remove the white tape from the toner before inserting it to the machine..

now wait for a while

just press ok

you can choose execute or skip in this part

just select “no” in this part

set the date and time

after things were setup, turn off the machine

and after 20-30 seconds turn it on and don’t forget to put some papers in the tray

print the report and you’re good to go…


We hope that you learned something new today, just like our trainee who helped us set it up for the first time in his life.


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