How We Use YouTube as Karaoke – Better Than Karaoke Machine

If you missed our first post of controlling your TV’s Youtube or PC’s Youtube you should read it first as it is required for you to connect your mobile in youtube app.Whenever there is a party, let’s say birthday party, singing in karaoke system is always there for entertainment purpose. And acquiring a good karaoke system will cost you a couple of hundreds of Kina if not a thousand. Additionally, you will have to update it in monthly or yearly basis which is a bit a little inconvenient & of course will cost you more money.Most of the time, we only need to learn the “know how” for us the utilize the available technology that we are already using in day to day basis. Comparing to the conventional karaoke system, the system that we are going to teach is more convenient as your mobile phone will be your remote unlike the karaoke system that you will be sharing in one remote control just to play & reserve your songs. Additionally, in the system that I will teach you, you can connect as many as phone as remote to queue or play your song.Let’s get started.

  • If you are going to use it in Party, it is required for you to have good speaker system. Your TV/Laptop/Android TV Box should be connected either via bluetooth or wire.
  • You need a TV with youtube app or Laptop or Android TV Box
  • Your phone must be connected to your youtube app, if you don’t know how to do it, read Control YouTube Using Your Mobile Phone (PC/TV).
  • You can connect as many phone as you can if you need multiple phone to be connected, just repeat the step “connect via TV Code”
  • Once your phone is connected, it will confirm in your youtube app that your phone is connected similar to below images.
  • Open your youtube app in your mobile, cast the video by pressing the cast icon and start searching any song that you like to sing, just don’t forget to include “karaoke” after the song/artis that your are searching.


  • Click Play or Add to Queue as many song as you like, just like realy karaoke machine, then enjoy Singing. Thats it!

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