Control YouTube Using Your Mobile Phone (PC/TV)

Did you know that we can control YouTube app using our phone? Smart TV nowadays specially recent models has YouTube app pre-installed, some TV has Android TV as operating system which is even better.

Please note that I am using this personally, and if you have problem following my step, feel free to comment in comment section and I am more than willing to help you to make it work. This post is very useful specially if one of your daily routine is watching youtube videos, or singing karaoke with your friends as it will be better than any commercial karaoke out there which will cost you thousands of kina to acquire. And believe me, it is better as you won’t be spending that much. The only downside of this method is, you should have data to spend. Specially here in PNG, watching videos via data is a bit expensive, but I have found a trick for that which will be my next post so you better watch out..

Here are step by step tutorial how to connect your YouTube app from your phone to TV, to emulate the YouTube app, I will use Since 2019 October, access in browser has been removed, but there is a trick to make it work, you need to install chrome extension called “YouTube for TV”.

  1. Install “Youtube for TV” extension in your chrome browser.

  1. Assuming that both of your TV, or Compurer is connected in internet (so as your phone), all you have to do is go to http://youtubecom/TV

  1. Since you have the chrome extension installed in your chrome browser, it is different than normal website, it should be similar to any youtube app of any TV out there specially if the OS is android TV.
  2. It’s time to connect your android phone (or ios phone) to your PC’s youtube or android TV’s youtube. Do it by opening the setting, then go to “Link with TV Code”.
  3. The app will generate 12 numeric code.
  4. Open your phone’s youtube app, and go to setting by clicking your profile.
  5. Click setting, and watch on TV, and Link with TV code.
  6. Then, enter the 12 numerical code that your youtube app (from your TV or Chrome) in step no. 5.
  7. Once done, your youtube app will go back to home, then all you have to do is tap the “CAST ICON” on the upper right part of the app.
  8. Then that’s it! You can cast all your your video from you phone’s youtube app to your connnected TV or PC youtube. You can connect as many phone as you can, and you can add que or play youtube remotely using your youtube app.


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