Print Directly From Your Phone to your Toshiba Copier

Our phone has been a daily part of our life for the last decade. If there is a gadget that we can’t live without, there is a big chance that it is our phone. We are using our phone to contact client/friends, use it to update social media accounts and receive emails. Phone is playing a big role to our personal life and to our work as well. And this topic, will help us utilize our gadget more as you will able to print directly straight from your phone to any model of Toshiba Copier.First thing that we have to do is we need to download an application from Google Play if your phone is Android, or Apple store if you are using iphone. Search for e-Bridge Print & Capture App by Toshiba. Download and install it.Once successfully installed, run and start the configuration by clicking the wifi tab (assuming you know what is the IP address of your photo Copier, in this case our IP address is and press enter.If you successfully configured the app, it will detect you photo copier and it will says it is ready like the image below. Let’s try to test print, open some file.

Select which page to print. (Example below is file with multiple pages.)Hit enter and check if it will print successfully by pressing the print icon. Below example we successfully print the first page of the file that we open earlier.

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