Printing has never been this green

How does it work?

Often documents are only temporary, e.g. proofs or as a reminder to do something. For these cases Toshiba’s hybrid system gives you the possibility to select the erasable blue toner. So that when you don’t need your document anymore, you don’t have to throw the paper away. But can delete whatever was printed on it and reuse the sheet. To make it easier rule-based printing can be activated in the printer driver. This allows you to define multiple rules for the printer driver to then automatically select the blue toner e.g. for all e-mails and faxes as these type of documents usually tend to be used only temporarily.

toshiba estudio 4508 printer diagram Toshiba's Latest Eco Machine 4508lp

How can the toner be erased?

The Hybrid MFP has a built-in erasing function. Simple place the used paper into the designated cassette and start the process. The blue toner will be erased making the sheets ready to be re-used for printing.

What are the benefits?

Assuming that you use a sheet of paper five times (i.e. reuse it foru times) and you print 4,000 erasable pages per month. You can save 80% paper. This means that after five years you will saved almost 200,000 sheets of paper. In other words, the same amount of paper which you would usually use in one year will last now for five years.

Besides saving costs for paper (purchasing, storage and disposal) there is also a significant environmental benefit as you automatically reduce the carbon emission and water consumption, which is generated during the paper production.

Here is a sample video of the process in doing the recycling of the paper using the erasable blue.


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