Chinese New Year Celebration with our clients…

Traditionally, the ever important part of Chinese New year  is the family reunion- wherein everyone should find time going  home for the New Year’s Eve dinner. For us working away from our families, we might find ourselves alone and wondering how we can enjoy for the festivities.

To start with, our Chinese friends are longing for this event to come, also far away from home-they manage to organize yearly events. A chance to be situated a colorful venue, wearing red dress for prosperity and eating sumptuous Chinese inspired food all through out the night.

The smiles that we can see in their faces would somewhat tells us that being away from their respective families during the festivities is not a hindrance to feel the spirit of Chinese/Lunar New Year.

You might wonder why one of your team member is in the group, we might not be a Chinese by blood but our friends  used to celebrate the occasion to support some of our valued clients to enjoy the night. Thank you PRIMA SMALLGOODS and Adrian Chow for sponsoring our table for the night.

ABLE HOME And OFFICE TEAM wishes all of you  to have a WONDERFUL AND PROSPEROUS YEAR 2020!


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