PaperCut NG for Toshiba

With more and more people wants to print from their own devices and being able to work on different locations, the importance for a secure and versatile Print Management Solution increases.

PaperCut NG and Toshiba MFD’s provides secured management of printing, scanning and copying. With PaperCut’s BYOD(Bring your own device) and mobile printing solutions, the flexibility to send print jobs from any device and any locations to any printer within the organization makes printing easier.

And with the defined user access via User ID, Username or card authentication – all documents will remain secured even on the busiest most mobile environments.

With the all-in-one interface, ensures users can seamlessly manage and release their own print jobs. As well as assigning the cost of copying to their corresponding accounts.

PaperCut NG’s integrated scannning makes it easy for users to change where and how their scanned document will be sent from the interface. Enabling them to send to authorized destinations via email or to a secured network location in whichever format they prefer. These scan actions can be configured to control scanning permissions for users and groups delivering a quick and straight forward managed solutions. In addition to this benefits, PaperCut NG can also assist to help your organization reduce waste and save on print costs by at least 20%.

With the licensing, 1 to 5 users is free to use. But with commercial use, we can discuss the licensing costs.

To find out more how PaperCut NG can help you manage your Toshiba Multi-function devices, visit an ABLE store near you and we wil be glad to assist.

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