ABLE HOME & OFFICE once again supports the effort our our LAE GOLF CLUB to host a once a year Golf Tournament.  For year 2020, we were invited to the sponsor for a 3-Man Ambrose last weekend. It’s a playing format where, all newbies in the game can play together regular golfers.

Though it seems to be a tight schedule, we managed to arrange the prizes for 1st / 2nd / 3rd respectively which includes headsets, speakers and printers. On top of that, those lucky benchers will be enjoying their ABLE Umbrella and Mugs where they are seated-in, as most of the seats are plotted with our premium items.

We are also being featured on the club’s big screen as sponsors.  A big thank you to Dave and LGC team for putting us back on the list.









Congratulations to all winners!


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