How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Google Certified

How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Google Certified

Android OS is developed by Google and a good chunk of features and services that run on Android are powered by Google apps. The Google Play Store is where most Android users download apps from and it has its own set of problems with fake and counterfeit apps. For years, Android has had to struggle with a reputation of being prone to spam and security problems. To combat this, Google has outlined certain requirements that devices must meet in order to run Android. If a device doesn’t meet these requirements, the Android that runs on them comes with restrictions. If you’re in the market for a new Android device, you might want to check if  your Android Phone is Google certified or not.

Google Certified Android Phone

It’s ridiculously easy to check if your Android phone is Google Certified. Google has published an exhaustive list of devices that are certified and you can download it. The file can be downloaded in both PDF and CSV format. Google provides instructions on how to use the file.

The devices are listed first by manufacturer name, and the manufacturer’s are listed in alphabetical order. Each device is listed under its manufacturer’s name. If you’re not sure what your device name is, you can use the search feature in your browser, or in Google Sheets, or your preferred PDF viewer to search for the manufacturer name.

If you know what your device’s name is, you can search for it instead of the manufacturer name. If the device is listed, you have a Google certified Android phone.

Uncertified Devices

A while back, we did a post on fixing the ‘Device is not certified by Google’ error on Android device. This error is just one example of the restrictions that come with owning and using an uncertified Android device. You might run into other problems particularly with other Google services.

An uncertified device won’t suffer in terms of hardware. If the device is running the hardware it claims it, it ought to work fine. Problems only arise when it comes to using Google powered services like the Google Play Store or Google Assistant. If you plan on using services like Google Pay, you should get a device that is certified by Google. A certified device is the best way to go. It will be more secure, and in the long run, you’ll be able to avoid unforeseen problems that might arise when using a service that requires a certified device.

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