Web Designing And Web Development

Web Designing And Web Development

Web designing and website development has been the first choice for all the business currently to get the business leads. Website designing is a platform that will give the global platform for one’s own business.

Designing is a process where there are many elements of graphics incorporated together to get the final look to be very innovative, refreshing and defining your business. Designing tools like photoshop, fireworks and coreldraw can be easily downloaded from their own websites and their tutorials are very easy that one can quickly learn from the tutorials.

Adobe as well as Macromedia provides the software to be downloaded for free also as a trial version and than you can even purchase it from the respective sites. Web-Design is a collection of textual information as well as graphical representation that can be made available over the internet and web browser to showcase one’s one information or individual’s business information.

The purpose for web designing is mainly to create web sites.

Web designing follow the w3c standards to create websites now a days. Web pages are mainly classified into two kind of pages:-

1. Static Page – Contents for static pages do not change until manually updated.

2. Dynamic Page – Contents for dynamic pages changes if any request from user is implemented.

HTML5 is the newer current standard in market available.

Website Design is very common now a days in growing corporate competition. Website design has now become very affordable compared to last many years. Not only business associates are having their website designed, but websites are now designed also for the personal use.

Few of the reasons why you shall have a website:-

1) You are selling some products to your customers

2) You are a corporate identity and wish your clients can reach you

3) You need a global presence and not to be known only locally

4) I want to create my own blog and let world know me

5) I am an individual freelancer and want service seekers to find me

6) You can create educational websites or membership websites

7) You wish to setup your own personal site and invite friends to share the views

There are many available resources to guide more on the topic, so interested people can google it or even there are many manuals available for free download.

Designing is done through making use of many multiple disciplines. Wed designing web pages, designing web sites, or designing web applications or mulitimedia may include the use of disciplines such as communication design, corporate identity, animation, or authoring. These four are very important for the process of web designing. Human -computer interaction, or interaction design are also in use or often considered essential for the purpose of web designing.

In view of the most of the web professionals Web Development is usually referred to the main non-design aspects of building web sites which could furthur involve the use of writing markup or coding.

Web Development – Not a simple task:

Web Development is not a simple task. It involves a team of large number of people with creative minds and with mindset of creating something new every time. The team can consits of hundreds of professional web developers. Those who are into this profession of Web Development are known as PWD or professional web developers.

There are many small organisations where there is no necessity of many professional web developers, often a single web developer or a small group of web developers takes the responsibility of creating web designs, creating web content or many other aspects that are essential or that are involved in the making of a perfect website to run on world wide web that is internet or for a private network that is intranet. Smaller organisations hire a single permanent or a contracting webmaster or asssign the work of Web Development to him or her. These smaller organisations entrust secodary assignments to other graphic designers or other information systems technicians.

Web Development – Wed designingWeb Development – Wed designingA collaborative Effort :

No doubt Web Development is a collaborative effort. It involves a bit of work from every web professional. It is done on time only if the work is done in colloboration. It is rightly called or considered a collaborative effort, taking place in or by different departments rather than the domain of a designated department.

Website development process include at the very core some very important strategies that which should be carried out and should be given priority.

They are (i) The process of Analysing the project requirement

(ii) Recommending for Enhancement

The first factor that is analysation of the project requirement is a very important factor. It suggests that the website developers give significance first to what you exactly require. They try to know what are your objectives, how you have planned to achieve them or all the other related aspects which has lead the customer or the client to approach these website development companies.

They analyze everything, primary necessities that which has lead the customer or the client to entrust the work and what the customer or the client be accepting after the completion of the project.

The second factor that is recommendation for enhancement is as equivalently helpful as the first factor. It suggests that the website developers after getting known everything about your project necessities or project requirements, they come up with some useful suggestions. They know what the client requires but sometimes it happens that the customer or the client does not possess the required information.

They may be having only some basic knowledge of the website development. They want to develop their website because they have understood that intenet is good place for marketing. They may not know much more than this. So because of this, website developers after coming to know everything about your requirements, suggest some suggestions.

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