Have you Generated your 2017 Statement of Earnings?

With the use of Able Payroll software to process pay, generating statement of earnings is smooth and easy. Both version 5 & 6 of Able Payroll uses the S1 & S1-L Forms of PNG Internal Revenue Commission. Further, you can also dump the report to the MS Excel version that you can send electronically to PNG IRC.

Below are the steps to do to generate the Statement of Earnings from Able Payroll. The example below uses the S1 Form. However, if you are a large employer, generating the S1-L form is still the same logic.




Below is a diagram that summarises the process giving you a screenshot of the modules you need to use.


Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Make sure that your company tax information is setup. Go to Control > System Control File > Company Tax Information & enter the information required.


2. Check the Allowances and Deductions for the correct Accumulator (in red box). Refer to the summary image.

3. Go to Accumulator Names Maintenance. This is where you are going to add another accumulator names or where your Allowance and Deductions will be grouped into. Refer to the summary image.

4. Go to Utilities & Recompute YTD figures. Refer to the summary image.

5. Go to Group Certificate.  Choose the option whether you want the MS Excel file or the form. Be sure to choose the correct accumulator names so that it will spread to the correct columns. (Column 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) Refer to the summary image.



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