Mobile Journalism way forward in producing news

A mobile journalism workshop was held recently in South Korea, facilitated by the Asia Vision News network of television broadcasters, and attended by 25 participants from across the Asia Pacific.

Mobile Journalism or ‘Mojo’, is the practice of gathering and producing news on location with using a smartphone. According to facilitators, the use of smartphones will be the next generation of cameras to break and make the news. The second day of the workshop was more practical.

Some visited the Sung Ae Medical Foundation, one of the leading health facilities in Seoul, while others learnt more about Korean Culture and its business hub. KineMaster was the mobile phone application used in the workshop.

Simple editing is used in this application. But according to facilitators, the app will see more changes as new features are added to this version.

The workshop ended with participants presenting their stories and presentation of certificates. Most participants say going forward, the use of smartphones will now be the game changer in the business of news gathering and producing.

The workshop is the 5th hosted by AVN or the Asia Vision Network. Television Journalists, producers, and video editors from 20 different countries attended the 5-day training in Seoul.