Windows Licensing – FPP or OLP. Which one is the best?

OLP or Open License Program, which is another type of Windows license which is of course different from OEM. The first variance you can see is the price it bargains, which is showed by the license price from OLP which is much higher than OEM. In addition, if you want to purchase this type of license, it is commonly intended with special conditions, such as buying in huge numbers at least 5 licenses. Even the acquisition itself must also be attended by the presence of a CD media kit, which is a part that is well known to support the installation process.

Not only that, this one license also does not depend on certain objects, such as computers, laptops or even servers. That’s why even if some of these parts are spoiled, of course the license that is owned can still be used on other computers. this is also related to the existence of an OLP license which does not have the form of a sticker so it does not have to be affixed to certain parts, but this license is actually made in the form of a certificate so that it is safer to use.


FPP or Full Package Product is a type of Windows license that is available in two different forms, namely CD form and some are in book form. That’s why this kind of license is generally retailed in the form of a Windows 10 box package with the contents of a CD, manual and license. This type of license is like to an OEM type license where the purchase of one type of license can only be used for 1 computer. In other words, it is installed and activated on one CPU system only. But even though it can only be used for 1 computer, it can still be used for different types of computers. that’s why the price of this one FPP license is much more luxurious than the OEM license.

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