Able Home & Office Mt. Hagen Branch Donates Facemasks To Hospitals and Schools

Able Home & Office has embarked on a nationwide donation of facemasks for various hospitals and schools in the country. The purpose of such is not only for the continuance of protection against Covid-19 but also for a wide range of clinical and medical usages as well. Based from past experiences by the public in the last two years of being under this dreadful Covid-19 pandemic which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, it is now part of the new normal to be continuously vigilant by following the pandemic act and by at least the usage of protection such as the now known facemasks.

In the Highlands Region, Able Home & Office – Mt. Hagen branch distributed facemasks to various hospitals and schools. The recipient hospitals are from four provinces namely Nazarene Hospital in Jiwaka Province, Enga General Hospital in Enga Province, Mendi General Hospital in Southern Highlands Province and Mt. Hagen General Hospital in Western Highlands Province. The recipient schools are also from four highlands provinces namely Waghi Valley Secondary School in Jiwaka Province, Kondopina High School in Western Highlands Province, University of Goroka in Enga Province and Mendi School of Nursing in Southern Highlands Province. The donation runs were happily welcomed by medical staffs of the said hospitals and head teachers of the schools.

Having been in business in Papua New Guinea for over 30 years, Able Home & Office do care by giving back to its customers and the general public.

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