Computer Form Factors


Intended for performance and expandability, the traditional tower configuration offers the most space for components and growths. The assurance long-term performance and can even help to spread out costs if you plan to elevation down the line. A tower PC, you can purchase what fits your budget now, then add components or higher-end computer hardware in the future.


Mainly intended to offer advantages similar to a traditional tower case, it has a concentrated physical footprint but still has abundantly of room to modify or upgrade.


The slim form factor is also an middle configuration, and you can find it among HP’s old-style tower selection. Compared to the microtower, the slim form factor offers an even smaller physical footprint. While this may bound your choices for growth, you still have the same ease of entree that comes with a standard tower, perfect for connectivity and quick advancements.


The All-in-One (AiO) desktop PC is possibly the top way to combine your work space, since it shifts a desktop PC’s computer hardware into the display unit. This means no separate tower, so you don’t have to sacrifice legroom or space in your work area to fit your brand-new PC.


Mini PCs, also known as minicomputers or mid-range computers, are a variant of computers that holds most of the features and capabilities of a big computer but is smaller in physical size. Among the most compressed and lightweight options on our list, Mini PCs are equivalent in size to some laptops. Most are under 2 inches thick and weigh less than 3 lbs, making them easy to transport across work sites or to mount behind a well-matched monitor.


HP small form factor (SFF) PCs are generally designed for enterprise applications, providing an expandable and secure option for businesses. They aren’t always the smallest option available, but they do offer a comparatively small footprint given the performance they can support. Plus, there are even some SFF clients, like the thin client, that weigh less than 2 lbs.


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