What is API?

An API (stands for Application Programming Interface) is a software that lets two or more applications to link with each other.  In simple words, it is the messenger that carries your request to the provider and then transports the response back to you. It is an interface that permits one application to conversation to another one through simple instructions.

API integration?

API integrations allow businesses to automate tasks, integrating their programs and databases with present business applications. They guarantee a smooth and continuous link between various applications and let workforces to get the benefits of several cloud-based apps whilst enhancing product innovation.
APIs allow industries to launch ground-breaking creativities in an agile effective way and without spending a lot of time and money.

How APIs can help your business?

For businesses, APIs allow forming solutions that deliver better customers’ experiences without increasing, significantly, the price. They can also streamline trades operations.
Some of the benefits of using API are:

Revolution APIs are essential to digital transformation and to the creation and development of advanced business models. They are the basis of application economics, which can be developed quicker, better and at a lower cost.

APIs allow software to get complemented with third-party digital goods or services in order to enable development. Also, a good API can support to increase a product occurrence in the market.

Systematizing errands The integration of applications is the bedrock for a huge part of automation approaches for which APIs become crucial. Integrations mechanize manual tasks to produce a smooth, effortless exchange between connected applications. Thanks to automation and integration of processes your business can be cost effective, time and efforts.

Comfort of integration An API is a component that allows different platforms, applications and systems to connect and share info with each other and carry out various types of errands. For instance, a certain software can be used inside additional or connected with further tools to streamline certain processes.

Better integration APIs simplify and facilitate integration which allow different software’s to reorganize their interrelationships according to your business’ specific needs. By doing that your company can obtain better results whilst reducing development costs. Externally, you can integrate your applications with third parties in order to optimize their functionality and to improve usability.


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