The Client requested for a file storage station (file server) to be installed which can be accessed by staffs. Synology Rack Station RS217 was the solution to their request. The device contains 2 x 10TB hard drives. It was purchased by the client a few years back but was never deployed due to lack of expertise to have it installed and configured as we ABLE Home & Office have the expertise to install.

1. LAN cable routing was executed from 2 locations to the server room. One from the Procurement & Logistics Office and one from the Fleet Office. LAN cables were terminated in each location and TPLink WR841N Wireless Router connected. One WR841N was wall mounted at Operations Office and is connected wirelessly to MR400. The WR841N wireless router is being used as repeaters extending the range of the MR400 modem router. MR400 is a modem router which means a SIM card is used for internet connection. MR400 connects to the internet and the WR841Ns are used as repeaters extending the range of the MR400. WR841Ns are all connected to the MR400.

2. Synology Rack Station RS217 was rack mounted in the server room and connected to the main server. 

3. IP addresses were assigned to each devices. 

4. The network was switched on live for testing. Signal strength of the MR400 was excellent even from meters away. 

5. RS217 is mapped in each users for easy access.

The network setup for the client is a good and affordable setup and can be maintained easily without any hassles.

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