Toshiba eStudio 4508LP Error Code E030

Have you encountered this Call For Service Error Code E030? and you tried everything like listed below.

  • Fuser Unit – Full Maintenance.
  • First Drawer Separation, feed and pickup rollers – Replaced new one.
  • Registration Sensor (S19), Feed Sensor (S20) – Changed both Feed Sensor and Registration Sensor.
  • Automatic Duplexing Unit – Changed the whole duplexing unit.
  • Logic Board – checked board, all connectors and harness.

You have done it all these procedures and the problem still persist? To make it easy for you to resolve this error code ,you need to identify the caused of it and you need to narrow down number of potential sensors that could be contributing.

Error Code E030 is caused by a sensor in the wrong state at power on. It doesn’t specify which sensor or sensor circuit, so you will need to identify which sensor circuit is in the wrong state.

You must remove any accessories not required for the device to work, such as document feeders, finishers, extra cassettes etc as it will narrow down the number of potential sensors that could be contributing and see if the error has gone away. If it has, work out which accessory causes it by plugging one in at a time and test (plug in with power off please, not live).

Please use 03 (input) test mode to check that all of the sensors change state on the control panel when they are moved from one position to the other. Simply changing parts and assemblies to try and fix this issue is the slow and “luck” based way to do it.

Also, check there are no blown fuses on the power supply, if there are, take note of which fuse number it is, and then use the fuse table in the service manual to see what runs off that fuse.

Hoping this guide help you out.

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