Why is eCommerce essential now For Small Business at the present time

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce or electronic commerce is a business model where vendors offer goods or services using a website or a mobile app over the Net and the consumer purchase from those platforms with online payment. Physical goods that are bought via an e-commerce website are usually delivered physically through a dispatch rider while services are performed through online appointments and actual on-site visit of the service provider. There’s also a business model where the vendor offers digital goods such as ebooks, online courses, etc, and these kinds of dealings occur via the Net.

eCommerce is so important now for small businesses more than ever because of the unfortunate pandemic we are all undergoing as of this writing. A lot of small industries were not equipped and don’t have any means to capture orders or transactions therefore they were halt. Cafeterias, for example, stopped functioning particularly those who were not recorded to distribution service businesses such as Grab or Food Panda.

So with this understanding, permitting our businesses to eCommerce is a no-brainer and the way to go. It will take months or some predictions say years before things will go back to normal after this epidemic and so, if you are passionate about your business, then it is rational to go online.

Other than survival, here are the main benefits of eCommerce:

Broader scope.  If you are a merchandizing or cafeteria in a certain town, then you can be able to expand your scope even outside your district. This indirectly associates to a brand awareness boost.

Continuous transaction.  Minimal disturbance, fewer human interaction, and an surge in consumer convenience.

A reduction in operational overhead.  You don’t partake to focus your effort on your brick-and-mortar store which is hefty in maintenance costs.

Growth in revenue.  Broader range + stretched operational hours means additional profits.

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