Dual WAN is essential

Today’s businesses depend on heavily on Net or cloud-based services for everything from telephony and email to billing, inventory management, customer relationship management, training and more. With numerous personnel working remotely, organizations are leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS) additional and loading fewer onto their local servers. Double Internet approaches have gone from “nice to have” to essential.

This is mainly true for businesses with several sites. Regardless of the topographical spread of an organization, employees need online access to the mission-critical resources that keep business procedures humming along – and basically can’t do their jobs without them. If the Net connection goes down, so do business services, and productivity grinds to a halt.

So what does this mean for net infrastructure? It’s no longer sufficient to have a solo Internet connection feeding an office. Specially in the case of organizations that rely on SaaS and other cloud-based services, provisioning multiple communication links from numerous providers is now an vital part of their technical setup. If one isp is having a bad day and their service drops, you must have a secondary line onto which outbound and inbound traffic can fail over. This is also true for some remote employees, such as company managers. They need never down net access to their homes offices.

Even the most consistent telco providers admit some possibility of service interruption. Most public broadband Internet providers do not offer any service level guarantees. Unless your property is hit with a main adversity, it’s unlikely two providers will experience service problems at the same time. By leveraging two or more providers, organizations lessen the risk of an outage or erratic service interruptions. Redundancy and automatic link failover, provided by an intelligent WAN link controller, should be a critical piece of every organization’s business continuity planning, as well as a key to optimizing daily performance. An increase in Internet bandwidth and automatic failover to a secondary link ensures that staff members can carry out their online processes without disruptions and without suspension.


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