ClickUp as Your Job Ticketing System

ClickUp has been very good tools for small to large company for tracking task, reminders and the limit is unimaginnable as long as you are creative. Here in Able Home & Office Kimbe, our existing job ticketing system is an open source called osTicket which is hosted locally. I believe I created post for the particular system last year and you may be interested checking that out if you are looking for that specific solution.

Installing OsTicket is a bit more complicated and extremly difficult if you are not technical and might need several try if you are not experience techie person. This is where ClickUp will be  easier to configure with step by step and proper guide provided to you.

Just this month, our team decided to migrate from OsTicket to Clickup. And here are the step by step how we implemented it in ClickUp.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow in order for you to implement Job Ticketing System in ClickUp.

  • Create specific list for your Job Ticket / Job Order

  • Create a FORM for your coordinator/client for them to use to fillup upon entering the ticket / in our system is equivalent to Job Order (Job Ticket) by clicking the +View. Add all labels, reference number and necessary field from the left panel.

  • Share the FORM’s url address for your client/service coordinator. I will recommend to bookmark it for easier and faster access.

  • Create automation in your clickup task such as auto assign whenever the status has been changed.
  • Here is how it look like once your coordinator/client done entring the details in the form.

Of course, ClickUp as your ticketing system is not as detailed as OsTicket but it will get the Job done and will be easier as you will not have to use multiple system but ClickUp only.

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