ABLE Home & Office is a proud sponsor of 2021, 3 Ball Ambrose Tournament held on Saturday 23rd of January. Respected prices offered 1st / 2nd / 3rd which include headsets, keyboards. DVD players and printers totaling the amount of K2,500.00 worth of prices . Those lucky benchers had the privilege to have plotted ABLE Caps on their seats.

It was indeed a great event which caught everyone excited from the beginning till the end, and the most awaited price render towards the winners with more then 80 players participated.

We are also being featured on the club’s big screen as sponsors, showcasing our banners and products stands

A great event, which we are proud to stand each year to sponsors! Thanks to Lae Golf Club for allowing us to be the proud sponsors on the 3 Ball Ambrose Tournament 2021.

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