How to create ISO image using Nero Application

Nero is one of the powerful application to make your tasks easily and can manage your project step by step with the application launcher that does it all. Special direct functions make it even easier.

Nero is known for data burning, audio burning, audio ripping and copy disc. Rip and Burn PC application allow you to rip audio CD, burn audio CD, burn Jukebox Disc, burn data Disc, burn video Disc, copy Disc and create secure Disc. The create and edit functions allow you to edit your photo, make photo slide show, mix-compose-scratch audio track, edit and record sound files, author-edit and capture video, create disc label or cover, recode video files (Nero digital) and convert audio files.

But in this video I will show one of the useful function of Nero , how to create ISO image like Windows Operating System that you can use to make bootable disc or flash drive.

We know that main advantage of using ISO files for converting images is copies the exact replica of the image file without any loss.

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