9 Ways to Magnet New Customers

If you ‘re starting new business or you have small business  looking for a ways to grow your business here are the 9 tested ways to help you bring in.

  1. Ask for referrals – You need to build referral generating activity into the sales process. One of the good example are sending follow up email or follow up call asking for a referral after a customer has received their order.
  2. Resolve customer complaint and problem – This is one of the best way to increase the number of your customers. Once you resolve your customer needs, complaint or problem, you can convert into lead. While you’re helping other, your business getting more benefits.
  3. Network – Good word of mouth by participating in networking events and organizations related to your business and your customer needs. Building relationship lead to new customers.
  4. Offer Discount, Promo and Incentives – This is one of the best strategy to attract customers. All of us easily attract when we see Promo, Discount and Incentives. Track which customers redeem the special offer and send them marketing message to encourage them to keep buying from you.
  5. Re-Contact Old Customers – It is important to keep your customers email address, contact number and other information for you to able to reach them again. Reach out to dormant customers with a special offer to win them back again.
  6. Website – Nowadays, you must have your own website to be part of growing technology. Most of the customers nowadays  are buying online. This is the best way promote your products.
  7. Partner with complementary businesses – You can team up with other business that have a similar customer base but not directly competitive. You need to create strategies that you can target each other’s customer to drive new business to each other.
  8. Promote your expertise – Many of the business are keep growing by sharing their expertise. One of good example is offering franchise after you share your knowledge.
  9. Participate in Community Events – Sponsor a local fun run, donation, build small infrastructure that can easily notice by people . This can help your business to advertise fro free. Example build waiting shade inside the Bus Terminal.

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