Better Planning For Future Even It Seems Far Away

When we’re in our 20’s or after graduation planning for the future can feel like too far way or pointless task. As our life running we encounters different experiences, some having a hard time finding their partner, some struggle finding the right career and other’s combat what they really like to go through in their life.

But what exactly we should be start? Because the whole world is our longest and deepest sea that we should take advantage and we know it’s tough to nail down a plan especially if we don’t know what we really want to do with our life and what give us satisfaction.

Many guru’s and older people giving us advises , showing us the right direction, telling us what is exactly what to do to achieves our dream and to find the right path.

As a human being the best way to start is to explore ,we  just have to try different things and even if 99% of them fail, we only have to have right one time, we don’t have to figure it all out in advance, we can be wrong, we can pick the wrong career, we can pick the wrong job, we can pick the wrong husband/wife, we can pick the wrong whatever, but we get it right one time we’re set, but if we don’t try and go out there and try all those different things we will never get that one time. It’s not question of how much different stuff do we do or how many different things we should try , try them all until we find the one we like and then it’s like it gets really easy coz even when messed up we’re on a mission and we love what we do.

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