Save Ink By Not Printing The “Fill Color” in Excel

Most of the time, when we are working in excel sheets, filling up the cells with different color is necessary to highlight figures and comment to emphasize the value. And upon printing the documents, we ending up wasting lots of inks for printing too much color filled cells which is uneconomical. If you are unaware of these, you might waste upto 60% of your ink yield if you won’t avoid doing that.

To avoid this, you have to reformat the cell’s fill to white or transparent and print it which is not advisable as you will alter the spreadsheet’s format. But don’t worry as I’ll show you how to do it easier in just few steps without messing around with the format.

Let’s say we have excel sheet to print similar to below sheet which is heavily filled with lots of color which will waste a lots of your inks/toner.

To print it without the fill, all you have to do is go to the “Page Layout” tab.

Click the “Page Setup” more options, page setup will popup.

Click Sheet then tick the “Black and White” Box. That’s it.

Here is the comparison of the print preview of the before and after.

See? By simple ticking simple option, you can save a lot of inks/toner and no need for you to modify the format of your excel sheet.



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